Income & Estate Taxation

Individual, partnerships, corporate, trust and estate tax has been the specialty of the firm for many years. Our clients have benefited from the extensive investment in education, computer technology and research in the area of taxation. Every tax issue is thoroughly researched and pursued to take advantage of the existing law.

Estate & Trust Administration

Due to the integrity and commitment of the partners it is very often that our firm has been asked to handle the affairs of our clients. All aspects of the estate and trust administration from financial statements and tax returns through extensive financial planning are provided at the highest professional level.

Real Estate Management

We provide a comprehensive solution in commercial real estate management. Rent collection, CAM, A/P, maintenance and repairs, tenant communications and extensive financial/managerial analysis. The experience of our firm and the consolidation of services makes our firm a highly competitive player in the market .


Financial Planning

Saving for college, putting away for retirement and estate planning are the basics of our financial planning program. Our clients are given a complete financial physical and a sound financial plan is developed through multiple meetings and interviews. Understanding the objectives of the client and designing the mechanism through which it comes to fruition is what we do best.

Multi-Family Office

A logical extension of both the trust our clients have for us and our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ finances is for our firm to act as a multi-family office for our clients and their families. Our team plays the role of quarterback overseeing the complete financial picture including the investments, real estate, insurances, estate and legacy planning.

Small Business Services

Our qualified staff and partners are committed to the small business owner, as well, and provide the necessary bookkeeping, accounting and tax services at reasonable prices. Our tax and financial planning expertise provides us with a valuable perspective in order to manage all of these aspects in a tax and economically efficient manner.


In 1945 Harry B. Cooper founded the firm and began servicing a small group of clients. Due to Harry’s hard work and client-centered thinking the firm grew significantly over the years. A number of highly trained associates and partners were added to address the growing needs of our clients. The client base came to include a wide variety of individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates. As the needs of our clients changed our firm stayed abreast. Our real estate clients called upon the firm to assist in managing various shopping centers and commercial buildings. That was the beginning of an ever growing real estate management department. As the personal computer made its entrance into the business world, Stephen Cooper, Harry’s son, bought the first IBM PC sold in Baltimore.

His fascination with computers and innate abilities brought the firm into the computer age well before any other and has kept the firm and our clients on the cutting edge of technology.

In 1996 David joined the firm and became a partner soon thereafter expanding the client base and the services offered.

Over the many decades of service and multiple generations of clients the firm has prided itself on providing the highest level of professional service with the utmost of integrity. The partners of this firm are constantly asked to give counsel, advise and act as trustee. Join the many clients who look to Cooper & Lehmann, LLP for their finance, tax and fiduciary needs.

Geller & Lehmann, LLC is our affiliated firm that specializes in financial planning and multi-family office services. To learn more about Geller & Lehmann, LLC , click here.

Our Team

David C. Lehmann, CPA/PFS, CFP ®
David C. Lehmann, CPA/PFS, CFP ®

David brings big four accounting, tax and local firm experience to the team. He began his career over 25 years ago in the finance department of a high-tech company in Silicon Valley and very much appreciates the value of technology. David has extensive exposure to income, trust and estate taxation and is very involved in accounting, financial planning and real estate management. David graduated from both Yeshiva University and University of Baltimore and became a CPA in Maryland in 1993. In order to provide more comprehensive multi-family office and financial planning services to our clients David earned his CFP certification in 2003. David sits on a number of local non-profit boards and task force committees. David resides in Baltimore with his wife, Pam, four children and one dog. David's e-mail is

Stephen M. Cooper, CPA
Stephen M. Cooper, CPA

Steve has more than 35 yeas of experience in accounting, taxation and real estate management. He is the trustee for a number of estates and trusts and manages commercial and residential real estate projects. Since he began his CPA career, Steve has been servicing the high-profile client, and co-founded a sports management company providing financial management and tax service to professional athletes. Stephen's e-mail is

Atara Miller, CPA
Staff Accountant

Atara was introduced to Cooper & Lehmann, LLP as a college intern in 2009-10 and after returning to Baltimore she joined the firm as an associate in the fall of 2012. Atara was born and raised in Baltimore. She began her accounting education at Towson University, and received her degree in accounting from Touro College in New York. Atara successfully completed her CPA exams in December of 2013 and is now a fully licensed and certified public accountant making her the senior associate of the firm. She is an active member in The Associated's Planned Giving Round Table Young Professionals. Atara lives in Pikesville, Maryland with her husband, son and daughter. Atara's e-mail is:

Miriam Lipsky, CPA
Staff Accountant

Miriam joined Cooper & Lehmann, LLP in 2015. As a fully licensed certified public accountant, she eagerly prepares income tax returns, financial statements, and personal financial plans for individual, business, and fiduciary clients. In addition, Miriam has experience representing clients before the internal revenue service and many state taxing agencies. Miriam graduated Summa Cum Laude, from University of Baltimore in 2013 with a Bachelor's of Science in business administration and a concentration in accounting. She completed the CPA examinations in 2013, and has since then obtained four years of practical experience in public accounting. Miriam lives in Pikesville, MD with her family. Miriam's email is:

Lisa Goodwin
Client Accounting Specialist

Lisa came to Cooper & Lehmann, LLP in 2008. She has over 15 years of experience in the public sector and a few years in the accounting department of a large corporation. Lisa provides the bookkeeping, accounting and QuickBooks® support for many of our clients. In addition to assisting clients with their bookkeeping needs throughout the year, she prepares quarterly and year-end financial statements, quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns, individual and business income tax returns. She also manages all of the live and after-the-fact payroll for our clients. Lisa lives in Baltimore County, Maryland with her family. Lisa's e-mail is:

Claudia Rossi
Real Estate Specialist

Claudia joined the firm in 2007 and manages much of the commercial real estate projects for the firm. She brings many years of bookkeeping and real estate management experience to the practice. She is the point of contact for tenants, and provides all bookkeeping for the properties including preparing annual CAM and real estate tax reconciliations. In addition, Claudia provides bookkeeping and payroll support for several clients. She also provides support services for her husband’s printing business. She has three grown daughters and lives in Baltimore County, Maryland with her husband and son. Claudia's email is

Carol Anne Frantz
Office Manager

Carol Anne joined the firm in 2016. She has over 15 years experience in office management and bookkeeping. She provides extensive support to our bookkeeping, payroll, and billing teams. She also has experience with individual income tax return preparation and real estate management. Carol Anne lives in Baltimore County with her family.


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